Testing Services:
In support of research and development activities, Aspire Biotech, Inc. maintains an in-house analytical laboratories. Dependable, consistent, and accurate results are the hallmark of Aspire’s analytical testing services. Our specialties include: method development, physical and mechanical properties testing, chemical characterization employing gas and liquid chromatography, hydrolytic analysis, and stability testing. All of our testing is conducted under quality controls, and study reports are suitable for use in regulatory submissions.

Method Development: 
When developing medical devices, new and unique testing problems are bound to come up. Aspire has a long history of providing expert method development to address those issues. Major corporations on three continents turn to Aspire to solve their most difficult testing problems. We can certainly develop test methods capable of providing you with the analytical data needed to make sound decisions about the development path of your device.

Stability Studies: 
Aspire Biotech maintains several stability chambers at temperatures and relative humidities as suggested in ICH guidelines. We routinely help customers launch stability studies, and we conduct every step of the process from sample removal, testing and reporting. If needed, samples may also be stored and sent to customer's facilities or outside testing labs. 

Chemical Characterization:
Purity by Gas Chromatography (FID/BID)
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Moisture Analysis
Acid Titration
Hydrolytic Degradation

Mechanical Properties Testing:
ASTM Testing
Tensile Strength
Compression Testing
Adhesive Strength
Seal Durability
Applicator Functionality

Physical Properties Testing:
Endothermic Measurements
Exothermic Measurements
pH Determinations
Adhesive Set Time