Board of Directors:
Ian N. Askill, Ph.D. - Founder

Dr. Askill has been developing biomaterials and medical devices for over 40 years. His innovations and leadership have been responsible for the development and commercialization of medical devices generating millions of dollars for client companies. Dr. Askill has a proven track record of innovation across the medical spectrum. He is the author of 25 issued US patents, covering a range of technologies including wound care, infection control, esophageal testing, and device sterilization.

During his career, Dr. Askill has developed a reputation for providing leadership in medical device development.  He has been responsible for evaluating emerging technologies and guiding new device development for many employers and clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Askill has held officer-level positions for several start-up companies, culminating in his founding of Aspire Biotech, Inc.

Dr. Askill has been active in the local science/business community, including the Science Advisory Board of the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; the Advisory Board of the El Pomar Institute for Innovation and Commercialization (EPIIC); the Citizens Advisory Group of the Electric Integrated Resource Plan for the local utility; Board of the South Eastern Colorado Renewable Energy Society. Dr. Askill is a strong advocate for educational advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Dr. Colin Askill, FRCR - Founder

Dr. Askill graduated from the University of Liverpool (UK) in 1973, receiving an MB. ChB. He trained in Oncology at Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK. Dr. Askill gained DMRT (London) in 1978 and FRCR (Radiotherapy), (London) in 1980. Since 1981, Dr. Askill has worked as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Singleton Hospital, Swansea, Wales, UK. Dr. Askill specializes in Cancers of the Gastrointestinal tract and Lymphomas, but previously served on the Medical Research Council Testicular Tumour Working Party. He is ARSAC certified for therapeutic and diagnostic use of various radioactive materials, and GCP certified for research.

Dr. M. Karen Newell-Rogers, Ph.D.

Dr. Newell-Rogers took the position of Chief Scientific Officer at Aspire in late 2017. She has been on Aspire Biotech’s Board of Directors since the company's inception. Dr. Newell-Rogers attended the University of Texas in Austin as an undergraduate and received her doctorate in Microbiology/Immunology at the University of Colorado Health Science Center.  Her post-doctoral work was carried out at McGill University in Montreal, Canada (1991) and later at National Jewish Center and UCHSC in Denver (1994), both in Immunology. From 1996 to 1999, Dr. Newell-Rogers was an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Dr. Newell-Rogers was an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the Department of Biology from 1999 to 2007, and from 2007 to 2010, she served as a Full Professor at UCCS. In addition, Dr. Newell-Rogers was the founder of the CU Institute of Bioenergetics. In the Spring of 2010, Dr. Newell-Rogers was appointed full professorship at TAMHSC in Temple, Texas where she held the Raleigh R. White, IV. Endowed Chair of Surgical Research at Scott and White Hospital, Professor in the Department of Surgery, at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine in Temple, Texas. She was also the Director of the TAMHSC COM Center for Cell Death and Differentiation.

Dr. Newell-Rogers’ research broadly involves three areas of study:  the first involves how an individual’s immune response genes contribute to infectious and post-infectious chronic inflammatory syndromes, including Post-traumatic Brain Syndromes, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, preeclampsia, and virally-induced post-infectious autoimmune syndromes.  Most recently, her collaborative work with Dr. Carl Tong, a practicing cardiologist and researcher has revealed a link between an immune response and heart failure. A second avenue of research involves studies of how a cell’s energy demands and energy strategy impacts the ability of the cell to be recognized by the immune system. By targeting metabolic disruption in tumor cells, she explores how to limit the cells’options for energy, rendering them susceptible to cell death or reciprocally, in other applications, providing the cell with a survival strategy to prevent the death of needed cells. A major arm of her research utilizes peptide replacement strategy to reverse the effects of chronic inflammatory disease, such as HIV/AIDS, MS, Lyme and Crohn’s disease.  Her work was honored in January of 2011 when she was nominated as a 2011 TAMEST innovator protégé, and again in April 2011, when she received the 2011 Hope Award from the Time for Lyme Foundation, Stamford, Connecticut. A large donation to her cancer work has led to the first arm of a clinical trial based at UTHSC, San Antonio.

Allan S. Roth, MBA, CPA, CFP

Allan Roth is the author of the book "How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street" (Wiley, 2009) and father of the book's hero, Kevin. Allan also writes a personal finance articles for various publications, including AARP, The Wall Street Journal and Financial Planning Magazine. He is frequently quoted by the press including The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine. He is hated by overpaid fund managers and investment advisors. Mr. Roth is the founder of Wealth Logic LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wealth Logic is an hourly-based financial planning and investment advisory firm that advises clients with portfolios ranging upwards to several hundred million dollars. Prior to founding Wealth Logic, Mr. Roth was a financial officer at two multi-billion dollar corporations. Mr. Roth has taught investing at Colorado College, the University of Colorado, and University of Denver and continues to teach investing and behavioral finance to advisors, CPAs and attorneys.