The President of Aspire Biotech, Inc., Dr. Ian N. Askill, is the author of 25 issued US patents. His career has been devoted to the development of improved biomaterials and medical devices. Those devices include heart valves, vascular grafts, bone cement, drug delivery systems, wound care and closure systems, dental restorative composites, and tissue adhesives.

The scientific staff at Aspire is both innovative and experienced. Our team has developed a myriad of unique testing protocols to better understand and measure the chemical makeup, mechanical performance, and physical properties of biomaterials under development.

Specialty Biomaterials Development:
Successful medical device development requires the innovative design of a biomaterial which meets the specific performance requirements of your device. That process demands the ability to accurately measure and test the physical and mechanical properties of the biomaterial under development. Lastly, successful development requires experience working in a regulated environment. All three are found at Aspire, and the proof is found in our loyal and growing client base, including a multi-billion dollar global medical device company.

Biomaterials Development Experience:

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives