Octyl Cyanoacrylate

Medical Grade Cyanoacrylates
Aspire Biotech, Inc. has the ability to meet all of your medical grade cyanoacrylate needs. We can work with you to develop a unique cyanoacrylate formulation or blend which meets the needs of your medical device. Butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate are the most commonly used cyanoacrylates for tissue adhesives, and we have the capability to supply the very purest components.

Worldwide strategic partnerships enable Aspire Biotech, Inc. to supply medical grade cyanoacrylates of extremely high quality at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and customer service so that your formulation will remain yours alone. We have built on that commitment with a pledge to never compete with our customers. We can provide small quantities of custom formulated monomers or bulk cyanoacrylate drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer to your location. We can test and supply Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Conformance to meet your needs on any size of order and even pre-test samples of bulk material prior to drop-shipment. We routinely supply medical grade butyl cyanoacrylate in bulk to our customers but are capable of supplying other common cyanoacrylate esters as well as other specialized homologues. We can also supply a broad range of blended and formulated cyanoacrylates manufactured to your specifications.

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Some applications require high purity cyanoacrylates for use in customer specific formulations. Aspire has the ability to produce high purity monomer through vacuum distillation and formulate that material to your specifications.

Formulating is the process of manipulating the chemical composition of cyanoacrylate to produce a desired set of physical and mechanical properties. Developing a cyanoacrylate-based medical device depends on that ability. Wound closure systems, sealants that promote wound healing, dental adhesives, and skin protectants all have very different performance requirements, but each can be met through the use of specifically developed cyanoacrylate formulations. Through formulation, the potential device applications for cyanoacrylates are virtually boundless; and developing innovative cyanoacrylate formulations is at the heart of what we do at Aspire. Designing an advanced cyanoacrylate formulation is possible only through the kind of extensive experience, innovative problem solving, and exhaustive testing our team provides. Let us know about the desired performance characteristics of your device, and we can help design and test the formulation you require.

Cyanoacrylates are susceptible to environmental factors, making them very sensitive to packaging. Aspire Biotech, Inc. along with our strategic partners have extensive experience linking formulation and sterilization methods to package design. This experience combined with cyanoacrylate patent experience enables us to offer superior prototype development and pilot manufacturing for your medical device.