NecroSeal O.D - This product used to be available off the shelf, but due to changes in tissue harvesting procedures is now only available for special order.

Spread on as a liquid, NecroSeal® O.D. quickly dries into a clear film which bonds to the skin and prevents moisture from seeping through compromised cadaver tissue. NecroSeal® O.D. is perfect for sealing dermis recovery sites, incisions, and wounds.

Because NecroSeal® O.D. is also a very powerful and quick-setting adhesive; it is helpful in reconstruction work. NecroSeal® O.D. will hold tissue in place and can be used to seal over trauma wounds. The clear film formed by NecroSeal® O.D. is nearly invisible and will accept and hold makeup.

Attention Funeral Directors:
Many tissue service companies and their recovery partners will either provide NecroSeal® O.D. to you at no cost or reimburse you for the cost of this product. Inquire with the organ procurement organizations and tissue service companies you work with about providing you with NecroSeal® O.D. to help reduce the impact of organ and tissue donation.

Application Tips

Please read the product application directions before applying NecroSeal® O.D.

Most commonly, NecroSeal® O.D. is applied at or near the end of embalming procedures. Many funeral directors apply a cauterant over the recovery site before NecroSeal® O.D. is applied. If you choose to use a cauterant with NecroSeal® O.D., allow the cauterant to dry for the proscribed amount of time before applying NecroSeal® O.D.

Blot up any excess moisture from the recovery site before applying NecroSeal O.D. Moisture helps the product form a moisture proof barrier film, but too much moisture will cause crystallization of the film and compromise its integrity. The site does not have to be dry, but no standing or pooled liquid should be present during the application.

Apply NecroSeal® O.D. in a THIN coating. Because of the way the liquid dries, thin coatings are more effective than thick ones. Make sure to completely cover all tissue to be sealed, but do not work under the assumption that the more you apply, the more effective the seal will be. In fact, the opposite is true.

Apply NecroSeal® O.D. in small amounts. Only squirt a small amount of the product onto the recovery site at a time and immediately spread it as thoroughly as possible. The liquid sets, or “dries” very quickly and should not be allowed to dry in a pool. If NecroSeal® O.D. is allowed to dry in a pool, the integrity of the barrier film it creates will be compromised.

Be sure to “paint” over the edges of the recovery site. This will ensure that the seal is complete and there is no leaking from the margins. If, after your initial application, you notice an area which is not fully sealed, simply dry any moisture off of the site and apply an additional coating over that area. Make sure the initial coating has dried completely (a maximum of 5 minutes) before making secondary applications


“NecroSeal® O.D. is invaluable in reducing the impact of tissue donation when I embalm. Once I apply NecroSeal® O.D., I can have confidence that the recovery sites will not leak.”

-Jeff Brungardt
Kansas Funeral Director, Embalmer, and former Red Cross Tissue Services Advisory Board and Recovery Technician

“You indeed have a GREAT product! NecroSeal® O.D. is the answer to our prayers for controlling moisture in difficult embalming cases. NecroSeal® O.D. is great for sealing tissue-recovery sites and ensuring that sutured areas do not leak.”

-Joseph F. Walton
Virginia Funeral Director,
Embalmer Coordinator,
Funeral Services Education
Tidewater Community College.